July 23, 2024

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Why Do I Have Continuous Post Pregnancy Weight Gain?

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Why Do I Have Continuous Post Pregnancy Weight Gain?

Many women find themselves tackling post pregnancy weight gain. Sometimes, weight gain does not end when you give birth to your baby. Even when you are no longer pregnant and you are already recuperating from childbirth, the scale is forever increasing.

There are a couple of reasons why this happens:

It is just your body adjusting
For the first few months after childbirth, your body is still adjusting. It has not yet settled back to its normal functioning. The adjustment period depends on your body. Some women are lucky. They have already started losing weight weeks after pregnancy while some women are not so lucky.

Give your body time to adjust. Let 2 months after deliver pass before trying diet and exercise tricks.

Fluid retention
If you find yourself still severely bloated after delivering your baby, it is caused by fluid retention. One the tricks to losing some of the excess fluid in your body is to cut back or to completely remove starchy carbohydrates in your diet. Replace it with fibrous carbohydrates instead. Compared to the starchy ones, fibrous carbohydrates are loaded with fiber that can help flush out toxins. The starchy ones hold on two more water molecules which causes bloating.

Breast Weight
Your breasts would normally weigh more during this time because you are lactating. One of the best tips to burning calories is to breastfeed. Breastfeeding your baby provides the nutrition he or she needs but it also helps you burn up to 500 calories in a day. If you slowly cut back your food intake, you can lose the extra pounds you have gained. Just make sure you are cutting back on food intake but you are filling yourself up with nutritious foods.

Hormone production is still a bit crazy during this point. It begins to function normally again after a few months but you can help boost normal hormone production by physical activities. When you are physically active, you are actually boosting the production of dopamine and endorphin which are actually mood boosters. They can make you feel better about yourself and this prevents mood swings.

If you are still concerned about your continuous post pregnancy weight gain, you might want to consult your physician. They can do tests to see if you have thyroid problems which is what usually causes rapid weight gain. But whether it is an underlying medical condition or not, it is important to have a healthy and active lifestyle.

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