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Infant Whisperer – Tracy Hogg

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The Baby Whisperer is a nickname that was supplied to Tracy Hogg, a British nurse. Tracy made a identify for herself as a infant ‘expert’ in the US condition of California exactly where she gave suggestions to numerous Hollywood stars and cared for extra than 5,000 infants. Some of her well known clientele have been: Jamie Lee Curtis, Calista Flockhart and Jodie Foster. Her fee for 3 weeks as a maternity nurse was far more than $15,000.

The nickname was supplied to Tracy by a Hollywood film producer after the motion picture the ‘Horse Whisperer’ which was about a race trainer who could talk with animals. Tracy was explained to have a gift when it came to speaking with toddlers and it was famous that she was ready to soothe prickly newborns and their anxious mothers and fathers. Her concept was regard for a baby’s individuality and she thought it was critical to have a continual dialogue with a little one.

Tracy’s claim to fame was that she was equipped to get toddlers on to a regime and have them sleeping by means of the evening immediately after only 3 months. Her tactic is a simple one and numerous critics have claimed that it was truly just prevalent perception. She employs acronyms to explain her methods this kind of as Effortless (Having, Exercise and Sleeping for the baby the Y stands for time for yourself). She did not favour sleeping with your infant and was rather political on issues these types of as breast vs. formulation. Despite the fact that Tracy was a lactation marketing consultant I have located that some of information and facts and suggestions she gave on breastfeeding was inaccurate.

Coming from a spouse and children of 9 little ones, Tracy went on to have two daughters of her individual. Tracy died on November 25, 2004 in England of Melanoma. She was 44 several years outdated.

The books Tracy has co composed with journalist Melinda Blau are:

  • Insider secrets of the Little one Whisperer: How to Serene, Link, and Communicate with Your Baby
  • Tricks of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers
  • The Infant Whisperer Solves All Your Troubles: Sleeping, Feeding, and Habits–Over and above the Fundamental principles from Infancy As a result of Toddlerhood
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