October 16, 2021


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Health Information Technology Program

Health Information Technology

Considering going to school for a career in health information technology? Many fields of information technology have suffered with the economy while the field of medicine continues to grow at an increasing rate. The demand for qualified IT workers in this field is a great opportunity for people interested in starting or continuing a career in technology to get the education they need to enter the field of healing services.

High Demand As Technology Grows

The field of health information technology is growing rapidly as clinics and hospitals around the world rush to implement automated systems to track patient information, prescriptions, and research information. While many other fields have used this type of technology for years, the medical field requires a very small margin of error that until recently made it difficult for doctors and hospitals to fully support the transition to e-services.

Now the healthcare industry is facing a shortage of IT workers who are trained in the terminology and requirements necessary to work in the field.

Tax Incentives Drive Increased HIT

Part of the recent stimulus package involved tax credit incentives to encourage doctors and hospitals across the country to upgrade their record keeping systems and monitoring software in an effort to increase patient productivity and safety. Information technology workers are needed to install, operate, and maintain these new systems as hospitals take advantage of incentives and upgrades.

Without information technology workers trained to deal with healthcare industry terminology and issues, many hospitals that would benefit greatly from newer record keeping systems for research and patient health are unable to make these improvements.

Many Options for a HIT Degree

For someone interested in going to school to earn a health information technology degree, there is no better time than now. There are a variety of options available both online and in traditional schools at all levels of education for credentials in this field. Some people in a hurry to get started may be able to get a certificate through a tech school for basic training and qualifications, while those with the time and money can earn whatever degree level they choose to pursue.

No matter how badly the economy suffers, now is a great time to earn a degree or certificate at H.I.T. For someone considering a career change or looking for a lucrative IT job that cannot be safely outsourced, today’s field of medicine is the place to be. As the general population ages, the demand for better technologies to treat medical problems will only increase.